Invited Speaker

  • Klaus Friederich (Germany)
    Title: Recent Progress in Tribology of Advanced Composites
  • Constantinos Soutis (England)
    Title: Graphene in aerospace composites: unexpected science from a pencil trace
  • Chiara Gualandi (Italy)
    Title: Functional and smart materials by electrospinning for advanced applications
  • Mustapha Kaci (Algerie)
    Title: The Effects of Filler Size and Content on the Fire Behavior of Melt-Spun Poly(Lactic Acid)/Cellulose Bionanocomposites Fibers
  • Michele Iannone (Italy)
    Title: Processing of PEEK/PEI blends for high performance composites in aerospace
  • Alberto D’Amore (Italy)
    Title: Fatigue of composites under variable amplitude loadings
  • Loris Giorgini (Italy)
    Title: Evaluation of Carbon Fibers Structure and Morphology after their Recycling via Pyro-Gassification of CFRPs
  • Emmanuel Richaud (France)
    Title: to be announced
  • Jason Levy (USA, Hawhai)
    Title: to be announced
  • Vassilis Kostopoulos (Greece)
    Title: to be announced
  • Aura Conci (Brazil)
    Title: to be announced
  • Marino Quaresimin (Italy)
    Title: to be announced
  • Gulshan Dhamija (India)
    Title: to be announced